What IF Keto Kitty Is a Real Thing?

I’m back on the Keto way of eating. It works for me & makes me feel great. Once I get past the initial hump, its easy and the scale goes down like a $2 hooker. People always feel so free to voice their opinion of what and how I’m eating.

“I knew someone whose heart blew up from eating that way. It literally BLEW UP!”

or another one of my favorites…

“There is no proof that this diet will make you lose weight”

I’m pretty good about just shrugging shit off. I seriously don’t care what anyone else is eating. You do you – and I’ll do me. Of course, there are the goods and bad to any way of eating / dieting. For me, the benefits of being in ketosis far outweigh the negatives. The positives that I always notice within a week or so are:

  • My face clears up
  • I have endless energy
  • I don’t crave food throughout the day
  • I am able to turn down cheat foods easier
  • My waist becomes smaller
  • The roundness / inflammation to my belly disappears
  • I feel confident

While I’m first starting out (or restarting in this case) I try to focus on all the good things that happen to me when I cut out sugars, breads, pastas and all those other carb heavy foods. In order to get on the right path, I also cut out fruits and other natural sources of sugar. It’s just the choice I have to make if I want the sugar/carb cravings to stop.

As your body enters ketosis many people with develop something commonly referred to as dragon-breath. It’s exactly as it sounds. I’m pretty sure I’ve had it. Although I could not smell it, I could taste it. My mouth just tasted hot and not fresh. I’ve read about this and knew to expect it. What I have not experienced is keto kitty. You, like me, may be asking “what in the hell is that?”. Well, according to about 20 or 250 (who’s counting?) in my low carb lifestyle Facebook group, its when your body is in ketosis and instead / in addition to excreting the keto gases from your mouth, they exit your …cough cough….your crotch. There, I got that out. Yes, they confirmed that their coochie was stinky as all get out during their keto diet.

I honestly wish I hadn’t read that.

It’s making me second guess this way of eating choice. Be fat or have a possible stink puss. Which is worse?! I’m counting on it not happening, since I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen before. Maybe it’s just one of those urban legends that started as a way to discourage someone, and in the end spread like wildfire over the internet. Either way, if I get one whiff of something being off ‘down there‘ I’ll just stay fat.


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