Stopping With The Keto – Starting With Weight Watchers

That’s a wrap with the keto diet. Its been successful in the past but now that I’m older it just isn’t working out. I lost about 8 pounds at first, but the diet has been so restrictive that I just can’t continue. I don’t feel good. The energy I normally have is gone. Two other issues have also plagued me: bad breath and constipation. I haven’t pooped in 4 days. This has got to end.

Being fat has also got to end.

My insurance sends me a postcard to remind us that Weight Watchers is 100% free with my plan. It’s worth a shot right? I literally have nothing to lose!

Starting weight: 199.8

Weight on Day 3: 192.4

Goal Weight: 170

Pounds to lose: 22.4

Yes, I lost over 7 pounds in 3 days. From what I understand it was mostly water weight, I am still feeling good about this. Who wants to be carrying around a bunch of extra fluid? Another clue that it was fluid retention is that I got up to use the restroom 4 times during each night. Typically, I never wake up to use the restroom.

There are several programs to use when doing the weight watchers way of life. I am doing the online only program. In the future if I decide to attend the support meetings there is one held at Oregon Dept of Military (ODM) located at 402 E. Scenic Drive in The Dalles on Thursdays at 5:30 PM. You can check the weight watchers site to see what meetings are close to you.

I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the Weight Watchers program right now. I believe that is a healthier lifestyle than the keto diet. I’m working on portion control and healthier food options. Most fruits and vegetables are worth zero points, so they are unlimited for the most part. You can also earn additional points by being active. I plan on weighing in and posting once per week on my progress. I might even get brave and do some before & after pictures.


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