Cherry Festival in The Dalles: My 1st Time While Living in The Gorge

I had just missed living in The Dalles last year during the Northwest Cherry Festival. The excitement for the event is evident in the community. The checker at Safeway brought it up, my server at Mama Jane’s also mentioned it. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the celebration this year.

While my family won’t be taking part in every event, I am excited to attend the parade, carnival and the St. Mary’s Singing Idol. I have mentioned before that I moved here from Portland, and the Northwest Cherry Festival seems somewhat similar to Portland’s Rose Festival. As a younger adult I tried to attend as many Rose Festival events as possible. It was always such a special time,  and definitely the buzz of the city. As the city grew, I felt my interest and enjoyment waning for the activities. Insane crowds are just not my thing! I need to be able to breath without a stranger in my face. Yes, folks, Portland is that crowded.

While the festival events in The Dalles are smaller, they are easier to enjoy.  The event line-up can be found on the Chamber’s website.

Since I moved to The Dalles in July, I’ve really been struggling with my diet and weight. Events typically throw me off any good streak I’m having. It seems I have next to no self control. Please send positive vibes for me. Lord help me if I get a whiff of an elephant ear – It’ll all be over!

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