Yard Sales in The Gorge Can Be a Success – Selling eBay Dead Stock

eBay is still insanely slow. The norm is 10-30 items sold per day, with a price range from $10 – $60 each. A slow day usually entails only selling 5-10 items at the same price range. Yesterday you hit a new low, your total sales were ZERO. There’s no reason to panic, its the time of year. However, you are wondering if you would feel better if you stopped putting so much time into your eBay store. Currently, you’re working a lot and getting very little return. Perhaps if you worked just a little, the lack of income would feel more inline with your efforts.

You don’t have many bills, and are blessed that your husband pays most of the expenses. However, you still have a small list of financial obligations that you cannot ignore. For instance, you are making payments on a huge lot of Nautica Fleece pajamas  that you bought for resale. They were supposed to arrive around Thanksgiving, just in time to cash in on the Christmas rush. There was an incredible storm and they arrived late, leaving them nearly un-sellable until the upcoming winter. It’s the gamble of reselling.

It’s also yard sale season and the temptation to browse all the sales for items to flip is driving you nuts. As you take a step back to reevaluate your business you decide to focus on higher dollar items, even though you will sell less of them. The first step is to start clearing out some of your lower cost inventory.


The Dalles seems to be a pretty yard sale friendly town. There are 3 billboards in the town that are specifically for yard sale postings. You enlist your kids to pull out all your old junk / dead stock and slap price tags on them. Meanwhile you drive around, placing flyers on the billboards. You pass Dutch Bros. and see that the line is short, maybe 2 cars, you pull in for a Dutch Freeze. 22 minutes later, you are on your way. You are friendly but feel like asking “what in the hell took so long?”, you resist.

One of the things you love about your house is that it’s hidden. You decide you hate this aspect of your home when it comes to having a yard sale. It is just too hard to find and you believe attendance is down because of that.

After all is said and done, you made a few hundred dollars, met some of your neighbors and still had a truckload of stuff to donate. You’re glad its over. When asked if you found it “worth it” you think it over and quickly decide it is not worth doing again. It’s nearly summertime and weekends will be spent on the deck, hoping that Mt. Adams will be visible, and enjoying the company of your family.

Each day you tell yourself that the summertime eBay lull is temporary, and can’t figure out why you’re so distressed over it. The truth? You don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of crap, cluttering up your home. You’ll keep trying but it’s more of a 1/4 time job now.

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